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Air Powered Hydrostatic Testers (AR Series)...pressures up to 3500 PSI

MODEL AR1.5-1000



MODEL AR4-3000
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MODEL AR1.5-500 * 3 GPM 500 PSI MAX WT. 52#
MODEL AR1.5-1000 * 2 GPM 1000 PSI MAX WT. 60#
MODEL AR4-2000 ** 2 GPM 2000 PSI MAX WT. 125#
MODEL AR4-3000 ** 1.5 GPM 3000 PSI MAX WT. 150#
MODEL AR5-3500 ***** 1.0 GPM 3500 PSI MAX WT. 165#
* Units supplied with a 16 ga steel box (see 6334 series) and a 10' high pressure outlet hose.
** Units supplied with portable pneumatic tire cart and a 15' high pressure outlet hose.


The AR series air powered Hydrostatic testers are completely portable, safe, rugged, money saving and can be used whenever hydrostatic testing is necessary. Size, height and volume of the system being tested present no problem. Units are designed for use with water, but will operate with other liquids including oils, glycols and fluids compatible with Buna-N materials.

All AR series testers are self priming and will easily draft liquids from a tank or barrel. Units will also work very efficiently with standard water pressure. AR series testers can be used as transfer pumps as well. Liquids can be pumped hundreds of feet high if needed.

These units are equipped with an easily adjustable relief valve that may be set for any maximum pressures needed to do the job. All units are shipped ready to operate and fully tested.

Equipment included - All necessary piping needed for testing, liquid filled gage, backflow prevention check valve, totally adjustable relief valve and a brass Y-strainer on the inlet piping. All air controls (Filter, Lubricator, Regulator) are included. 10' high pressure outlet hose (AR 1.5-500 and AR 1.5-1000) 15' high pressure outlet hose (AR 4-2000, AR 4-3000, AR 5-3500).

Air-Powered Ultra High Powered Hydrostatic Test Units (UHP Series)...pressures up to 10,000 PSI

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MODEL UHP-AR6,000 6,000 PSI MAX 0.5 GPM WT. 48#
MODEL UHP-AR10,000 10,000 PSI MAX 0.2 GPM WT. 48#


These low volume output units are very light weight and can provide up to 10,000 PSI pressure with 100 PSI air supply.

Furnished complete with all air controls, high pressure safety pop off water pressure valve, bleed down valve and outlet hose. Pumps include soft seal check valves.

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