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New...Drafting Units now available.

More information and pictures coming soon

Drafting units are specially designed for filling and testing systems with glycols, glycerin and water.


Why carry when you can push or pull? Purchase the CT63 Standard Cart as a set with a unit or by itself.

Electric Hydrostatic Testers (6334)...pressures up to 1000 PSI

MODEL 6334-350

6334 SERIES        
MODEL 6334 250 PSI MAX 3 GPM 1/2 HP WT 60#
MODEL 6334-350 350 PSI MAX 3 GPM 3/4 HP WT 64#
MODEL 6334-550 500 PSI MAX 2 GPM 3/4 HP WT 65#
MODEL 6334-550-1 500 PSI MAX 3 GPM 1 HP WT 70#
MODEL 6334-750 750 PSI MAX 2 GPM 1 HP WT 70#
MODEL 6334-1000 1000 PSI MAX 2 GPM 1.5 HP WT 84#
MODEL DR6334 250 PSI MAX 3 GPM 1/2 HP WT 61#
MODEL DR6334-350 350 PSI MAX 3 GPM 3/4 HP WT 69#
MODEL DR6334-550 500 PSI MAX 2 GPM 3/4 HP WT 69#
MODEL DR6334-550-1 500 PSI MAX 3 GPM 1 HP WT 72#
MODEL DR6334-1000 1000 PSI MAX 2 GPM 1.5 HP WT 88#
6334 SERIES WITH CART        
MODEL CTW-6334                     UNIT WITH CART        
MODEL CTW-6334-350                     UNIT WITH CART        
MODEL CTW-6334-550                     UNIT WITH CART        
MODEL CTW-6334-550-1                     UNIT WITH CART        
MODEL CTW-6334-750                     UNIT WITH CART        
MODEL CTW-6334-1000                     UNIT WITH CART        
MODEL CT63                     STANDARD CART ONLY        


Cost of Hydrostatic Testing can be reduced as much as 90% using the Hydro-Test Hydrostatic tester. Cased in a 16 ga. steel box, this electric powered hydrostatic tester is portable, easy to use, rugged and money saving. The test pump is designed to work best with water pressure feed but will operate with gravity feed where water pressure is not available. Excellent for testing piping systems, boilers, automatic sprinkler systems, fire hose and extinguisher tanks. The 6334 series testers are the standard of the industry for low pressure testing. Used by contractors, fire departments, and fire equipment dealers thousands of times each working day.

These units are equipped with an easily adjustable relief valve that can be set for any maximum pressure, glycerin filled pressure gage, high pressure check valve, 7' electrical cord, a 10' high pressure hose and are shipped complete, ready to operate. Power required 120 volts AC.

Portable Carts for 6334 Series Test Pumps

The CT portable carts are designed specifically for use with all 6334 series Hydro-Test units. Two carts are available equipped with ground fault receptacles and flexible industrial rated cords (special order). CT series carts are built with heavy duty 14 ga. welded tubing, 410/350 2-ply (10" diameter) ball bearing pneumatic tires and special mounting tray for solidly bolting to all 6334 Hydro-Test units.


Electric High Pressure Testers (HT 1.5 & HT5) ...pressures up to 3500 PSI


MODEL HT1.5-3000


MODEL HT1.5-1500 1.5 GPM 1.5 HP 120 V 1 0 1500 PSI MAX
MODEL HT1.5-2000 1.2 GPM 1.5 HP 120 V 1 0 2000 PSI MAX
MODEL HT1.5-3000 1 GPM 1.5 HP 120 V 1 0 3000 PSI MAX
MODEL HT5-2000*** 4 GPM 5 HP 220/440 V 3 0 2000 PSI MAX
MODEL HT5-3000*** 2.4 GPM 5 HP 220/440 V 3 0 3000 PSI MAX
MODEL HT5-3500*** 2 GPM 5 HP 220/440 V 3 0 3500 PSI MAX


Save time and money hydro-testing boilers, tanks, heat exchangers, fire extinguisher tanks, piping systems, valves, fittings...and more.

All HT1.5 series testers are 1-1/2 HP electric and use standard 120 volt standard outlets. All HT5 series units are 5 HP and use 220/440 volt 3 phase power. Units are totally portable, completely adjustable and very easy to use.

Shipped complete and ready to operate. Units include all necessary valves, gages and piping. A 15' section of high pressure outlet hose is included.

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